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Media company ESA wanted to fully redesign their flagship online service They gave us a straightforward task: increase our digital business. Our role was to help analyze where current value of the service was, how to find new growth opportunities and deliver a newly designed service that would enable reaching the new goals. After analysing the old service, revenue streams and customer groups, we helped the client team define the new service concept from three main perspectives: readers, advertising customers, content and services. Our work also included defining medium term goals and key performance indicators that are used to evaluate success and make decisions on how to further develop the service. The concept and design work was done using [...]

Case: OneMind Dogs

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OneMind Dogs is a community for agility lovers. The invention of the OneMind Dogs training methodology is a heartwarming story including a determined trainer and a deaf dog. Read it here. We were asked to help set up the online business and design a service which would function as the hub of a worldwide community for agility lovers. Our first task was to help the client clarify their competitive advantages and thus where they could deliver unmatched customer value. Scenarios and calculations for various revenue models were explored to determine what would be the best course of action in developing the service and other online channels. The solid roadmap made it easy to prioritize the content and functionalities of the [...]