Case: HSTV

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Helsingin Sanomat, the largest subscription newspaper in the Nordic countries, wanted to step up their game in the fast growing online video market. To ensure that the tight deadline of the project was met and collaboration with various people from the client organisation was seamless, we worked on-site at Helsingin Sanomat headquarters. Our first task was to gather relevant market information, business data and benchmarks to help the client team quickly grasp the online video space and how various media companies have organized their digital video businesses. Working closely with the business owner and in-house design team, we helped set business goals to function as a basis for the service concept. Conceptual work and prototypes were done side-by-side to give [...]

Road signs for robot cars

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Road signs for robot cars are objects from a future where robot cars bring us great upsides but also downsides, as any technology does. Mass produced cars gave people unprecedented freedom and convenience but also brought second and third order effects that we see today - accidents, pollution and other problems that we have to address today. The road signs have been set up to spark a conversation. Hopefully it will be a conversation that informs us to make well thought-out decisions on how to proceed when adopting a new technology. Safety, efficiency and ethics seem to be the main issues that are discussed today, but as cars are such a central part of life, there are quite a few [...]

Screens everywhere

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Movies, tv, computers, mobile devices, digital signage - the first, second, third, fourth and fifth screen. Soon to be followed by the next five in cars, glasses, watches … you name it. We are fast approaching the point where there is a screen in your field of vision for every waking minute. All these screens have a bias towards being on and filled with content. Even though a screen might seem to sleep, there is always content waiting just below the surface. Waiting to spring to life in milliseconds after the screen is turned on again. Content is fuel for the screen. As the surface area covered by and time spent looking at screens increases, so does the need for [...]