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New  technologies generate new ways to solve customer problems at an ever increasing pace. At the same time the customer expectations are getting higher and higher. To stay competitive and win in the market, you will have to be ready, willing and capable to renew yourself, develop the ways of working, and think in new ways. We help our customers transform their business by human centric design methods.


Our office is located at Lintulahdenkatu 3, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

Janne Saari
Janne SaariBusiness Designer, CEO
Janne Passi
Janne PassiBusiness Creative
Hannu Ripatti
Hannu RipattiBusiness Creative

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P/R book

Over time, we have collected a set of our favorite and most frequently used design thinking tools into a toolbox. The tools are collected to a book, and to an online toolbox which consists of instructions, videos, as well as PowerPoint and PFD versions of the tools for you to use. In Finnish.

Do you want us to translate the toolbox in English? How would you use it? Who are you? If there is interest, we will get to work. Meanwhile, please contact us directly if you have a problem in mind – lets find a way to solve it!