Movies, tv, computers, mobile devices, digital signage – the first, second, third, fourth and fifth screen. Soon to be followed by the next five in cars, glasses, watches … you name it. We are fast approaching the point where there is a screen in your field of vision for every waking minute.

All these screens have a bias towards being on and filled with content. Even though a screen might seem to sleep, there is always content waiting just below the surface. Waiting to spring to life in milliseconds after the screen is turned on again.

Content is fuel for the screen. As the surface area covered by and time spent looking at screens increases, so does the need for content. The important question becomes understanding what kind of content will we want to have around as a constant companion.

Screens everywhere is a prototype for asking questions about screens and content. We took the most ordinary object available, a simple milk carton, and enhanced it with a screen. What kind of content could this everyday screen deliver? What should it deliver? What would get us to pay attention? Will it distract you? Can it help you?