Innovillage is an open innovation environment for health and welfare. It provides public service providers and developers, NGOs and private service providers with tools, events and support for the collaborative and open development of different ways to promote health and welfare.

In collaboration with Ramboll management consulting, Hannu was asked to help further develop the service, with a strong focus on customers needs and co-design.

We conducted extensive customer interviews to gain insight in to the needs of the various customer groups, ranging from small NGO’s to development directors and deputy mayors. Design probes were also used to develop a better perception of the daily practices of public service developers.

The initial customer insights were used to create multiple new service concepts that were further developed and refined in co-design sessions with over 50 current and potential customers.

The insights were also used to aid the Innovillage management group in defining short and medium term goals for the service.

Close collaboration during the project with the various customer and stakeholder groups was extremely rewarding and gave Innovillage employees valuable tools to create the best possible service to foster innovation in the health and welfare sector.