After being a leader in the online media field for over 10 years, wanted to re-evaluate and crystallize the positioning of the service. The MTV3 team wanted a partner that could provide insight from both a consumer and marketer perspective. They also wanted the chosen partner to be able to run a project that would be highly collaborative and involve people from various positions in the organization.

Gyllene Skor and Toinen Helsinki formed an extended project team in order to provide the client with industry leading expertise in the online media field. Our team held multiple workshops that involved dozens of employees from MTV3 to ensure that all the experience the customer has of running a successful online media was utilized during the project. Our job was to deliver fresh customer and industry insights and uncover new opportunities for thorough evaluation and discussion.

A fruitful collaboration between all parties provided the customer with the results they were looking for. is ready for the next stage in the life of a successful online media.

Personal comments:
Ripatti: “I love the fact that we had to work our asses off on this one. Rising up to any challenge is the best part of what we do every day. It’s a lot of hard work but ultimately rewarding in the end.”

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