, one of the biggest media-operated websites in Finland, wanted to redesign their most important asset: the front page. The goal was to simultaneously create a better user experience (better flow, more visits and visitors) and bring in more revenue with new business opportunities.

Our team was asked to help with the overall concept and deliver a brief for Idean, who would be responsible for the user interface design and testing.

As always, we analyzed user needs, business requirements and technological possibilities to define the opportunities available to Web analytics, customer surveys, stakeholder interviews and business area insight led us to present the executive team with several concept scenarios, of which one was chosen as a basis for the final concept.

We delivered the insights and concept to MTV3 and Idean to be used as a basis for user interface design and testing.

Personal comments:
Ripatti: “This is how a project should be done. Thorough analysis, extensive discussions with all major stakeholders, a client with an open mind willing to debate anything and great design by Idean.”

People: Petteri Ruotsalainen, Risto Lähdesmäki

Companies: MTV Media , Idean