Big Brother 2010 is the sixth season of the popular reality show in Finland. Our team was asked to help in planning the concept and designing the service for digital channels.

We worked in close collaboration with the content, sales, technical, production, web-tv and interactive-tv teams during planning and design to make sure that all business goals and requirements would be met and at the same time fans of the show would be given an online experience worthy of their commitment.

At the core of the online experience is Big Brother 24/7: six simultaneous live streams and interaction with other fans for those who don’t want to miss any of the action. In addition to the live experience, community features have been souped up to cater to the extremely active Big Brother community within the Big Brother domain and all over the web, from personal blogs to other online media reporting on the show.

The customer wanted to significantly increase revenues compared to previous years. To meet the objectives we designed several new advertising products in addition to the standard display and video inventory available. Our goal was to create products that would be an integral part of the overall concept, and bring fans and advertisers closer via a shared experience.

At the time of writing Big Brother 2010 has been live for a little over a week. Compared to last year the first week results have been extremely promising. 586 000 visitors spent time on the site during the first week, compared to a 100 000 less during the same week last year.

Personal comments
Ripatti: “Love it or hate it, Big Brother 2010 is one of the media events of the year. I’m thrilled that we got to once again be a part of pushing the boundaries of what a media concept is. And this one is a multi-channel monster, with several weekly TV shows, six 24/7 online streams, news, exclusive online videos, a hyper active community, games, IPTV, mobile content, SMS voting and all the online action looped back to the live tv shows.”

Ihmiset: Sami Kanninen, Risto Kyyrö, Markus Piipari, Misha Lagerstedt, Aleksi Leinonen, Heli Kettunen, Vilma Kaartinen, Timo Leppänen

Yritykset: MTV Media