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Not a minute to spare

September 28th, 2010|Categories: Fieldnotes, Service Design|Tags: , |

Everyone of us is extraordinarily busy. At work: meetings, emails, phone calls and more meetings. At home: food, hobbies, housework, perhaps a little bit of travel. Basically, every minute of our day is fully booked. My first thoughts every time someone pitches a new service concept or our team starts to work on a client project: Where will people find the time for this? If it's good enough then what is it going to replace?

The five essential ingredients of good service design

September 6th, 2010|Categories: Fieldnotes, Service Design|Tags: , , |

The one and only marketing and advertising magazine (M&M 3.9.2010) ran an article about the rise of service design in Finland and even hailed the discipline as a potential future star in the export of professional services from Finland. The grand old man of service design and Palmu Inc. colleague Mikko Jäppinen was interviewed in the article and his list of the five essential tips for better service design are as follows: 1. Familiarize yourself with everyday life A service designer must be familiar with the normal, standard, run-of-the-mill everyday life of both the company and it's customers. Conduct research, do interviews, then research and do some more interviews. 2. Know the customer personas The research will have uncovered several [...]

Case: front page redesign

August 28th, 2010|Categories: Cases, Service Design|Tags: , , , |, one of the biggest media-operated websites in Finland, wanted to redesign their most important asset: the front page. The goal was to simultaneously create a better user experience (better flow, more visits and visitors) and bring in more revenue with new business opportunities. Our team was asked to help with the overall concept and deliver a brief for Idean, who would be responsible for the user interface design and testing. As always, we analyzed user needs, business requirements and technological possibilities to define the opportunities available to Web analytics, customer surveys, stakeholder interviews and business area insight led us to present the executive team with several concept scenarios, of which one was chosen as a basis for [...]

Case: MTV3 Katsomo – Formula 1

August 27th, 2010|Categories: Cases, Highlights, Service Design|Tags: , , , , |

Räikkönen,Häkkinen, Kovalainen, Rosberg... No wonder MTV3, the leading commercial tv-station in Finland, has held on to their exclusive rights to broadcast Formula 1 for nearly two decades. After renewing the contract in 2010, MTV3 wanted to build on the previous commercial success and offer fans the "best way to enjoy Formula 1 in the world". As part of the Gyllene Skor team, Passi and Ripatti worked with MTV3 to create an experience that would attract both early adopters that have already abandoned traditional TV for online video services and for the larger audience that still enjoys watching Formula 1 on their big screens in the comfort of their own living room. We knew that hard-core Formula 1 fans were very [...]

Kodin palvelut: Kuka eka?

August 23rd, 2010|Categories: Do tank, Future home, Service Design|

Olemme keskustelleet paljon kotiin ja arkeen liittyvistä uusista palvelukonsepteista, joten luonnollinen liike oli suunnitella ja testata asiaa käytännössä. Minulla ei ole kokemusta kuin omasta perheestä, mutta oletan että muissakin perheissä lapset tuppaavaan kiistelemään mitä ihmeellisimmistä asioista, välillä aiheesta mutta usein myös aiheetta. Kivi-paperi-sakset on kaikille tuttu tapa ratkaista pienet kiistat. Valitettavasti sekin vaatii yllättävän paljon osaamista: pitää osata laskea kolmeen, muodostaa käsillä kivi, paperi tai sakset ja sen lisäksi vielä muistaa kuka voittaa kenet. Haastavaa touhua perheen pienimmille, varsinkin kun tilanteeseen liittyy yleensä pientä lämpenemistä kiistakumppaneita kohtaan. Kuka eka? -sovellus on koko perheelle sopiva kivi-paperi-sakset. Kiven, paperin ja saksien sijaan järjestyksen osoittamiseen käytetään perheenjäsenten kuvia. Hyvin pienetkin osaavat painaa yhtä nappia ja tunnistaa kuka kuvassa on, joten osaamista ei juurikaan [...]

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